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    All collections


    All Ceramics
    Tiki On Sale
    Tiki $73.00 NZD $55.20 NZD
    Kāwai Tangata On Sale
    Kāwai Tangata $73.00 NZD $55.20 NZD
    New Zealand ceramic artwork and ceramic gifts On Sale Sold Out
    Kāwei Wairua $73.00 NZD $55.20 NZD
    Parata Kaitiaki (small) On Sale
    Parata Kaitiaki (small) From $73.00 NZD $55.20 NZD


    All Glass
    Te Ehutu 1 Aqua/Blue
    Te Ehutu 1 Aqua/Blue $1,800.00 NZD
    New Zealand Maori glass artwork and gifts
    Te Ehutu 1 Blue $1,750.00 NZD
    Te Ehutu 2 Aqua/Green
    Te Ehutu 2 Aqua/Green $1,800.00 NZD

    Koru + Matau

    All Koru + Matau
    Koru Sold Out
    Koru $270.00 NZD
    Koru (Taupe)
    Koru (Taupe) $270.00 NZD
    Matau $270.00 NZD


    All Manu
    Kiwi (Large)
    Kiwi (Large) $576.00 NZD
    New Zealand kiwi hand carved wood artwork and gifts
    Kiwi (small) $324.00 NZD
    Toroa $612.00 NZD


    All Pou
    Kākano Sold Out
    Kākano $1,500.00 NZD
    Rangi Rua Sold Out
    Rangi Rua $1,900.00 NZD
    Tokerau Sold Out
    Tokerau $1,700.00 NZD

    Trade Axes

    All Trade Axes