Tōtara Kumete

Tōtara Kumete

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Ka ora ai te iwi

Kumete means food bowl. But the intricacy of this piece, carved from a recycled tōtara verandah post, has far more levels of complexity and depth of meaning than just a bowl, in the story it tells.

As a food bowl, a kumete symbolises plenty and abundance. Unlike any other you'll find, this kumete is shaped in the form of a poaka (pig), with its mouth as the pouring spout. This adds another level of symbolism - the richness and abundance of the meat.

On the joints of the pig are raperape, representing the energy and movement we have when we are well-fed in times of plenty.

This prestige piece from Tohunga Whakairo Michael Matchitt deserves pride of place - in a boardroom or reception area where its beauty and the skill of the work can be appreciated, and abundance can be invited.

73cm x 16cm x 17cm  2.4kg