Cultural Practices

I've heard you should have carvings given to you, is it appropriate to buy one for myself?
Do I have to match the meaning of the carving with the reason for the gift?
Why do so many Māori carvings have their tongues sticking out?
Does the carving need to be blessed? If so, how can I arrange for this to be done?
Is there a culturally respectful way to handle the carving, eg washing hands first?
Will the carving bring good or bad spirits to my home/office?
Is it disrespectful to take the carving to another country?


Are there any restrictions, tapu, or special ways of handling/displaying my carving or taonga?
Can I display a Māori carving or taonga anywhere?
Can Māori wood carvings be displayed outside?
Will the sun damage My Māori wood carving?

Care and Cleaning

Will my Māori wood carving need to be refinished at any time, eg add oil?
My carving is dusty from hanging on the wall, are there any DOs and DON'Ts for cleaning it?